Homeowner Lifetime Limited Warranty for True Porcelain Co. manufactured products purchased through Lowe’s, Inc. The company warrants that all the products manufactured by it and sold as “standard grade” will equal or exceed the minimum requirements for that grade as published in the American National Standard Specifications ANSI A 137-2017, with specific consideration to:

  • Stain Resistance (ASTM C1378)

  • Visible Abrasion or Wear (ASTM C1027)

  • Crazing (ASTM C424)

  • Chemical Resistance (ASTM C650)

  • Breaking strength (ASTM C648)

  • Tile integrity failure such as lamination, blemishes or interior cracking.


Terms and Conditions Subject to the conditions and limitations stated in this document, True Porcelain Co. warrants to the original owner that the porcelain tiles sold through Lowe’s and manufactured by True Porcelain Co. will be free from manufacturing defects and will not break down or deteriorate under normal usage for the life of the installation when installed in accordance with ASTM and TCNA’s most recently published instructions, specifications and industry standards and guidelines for said installation. This warranty becomes effective upon validated substantial completion of the project. This warranty is not transferable.

Exclusive Remedy In installations with a claimed defect, True Porcelain Co. reserves the right to send out a third party to inspect and validate the claim at the installation site. Once the claim has been confirmed to have been validated by True Porcelain Co., True Porcelain Co. will repair and/or replace, at its discretion, the defective tiles, provided the tiles are still active production items (not discontinued). In the event that the tiles have been discontinued, True Porcelain Co. be responsible for crediting the customer for expenses related to the replacement of the defective tile. Any credit issued by True Porcelain Co. must be described as materials and labor for replacement of defective tile only. The expenses should follow general industry cost for comparable tasks within the area of the tiles installation. Such cost to True Porcelain Co. shall not exceed the original square foot cost of the installation validated to be defective. True Porcelain Co. is not responsible for shade or dye lots of the finished materials. Proof of product purchase cost may be required.

Limitations True Porcelain Co. is not responsible for structural failure or workmanship that is not in accordance with standard industry practices and procedures and published TCNA instructions. True Porcelain Co. will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from the tile installation, whether direct, indirect, special, incidental, consequential, regardless of the legal theory asserted, including warranty, contract, negligence or strict product liability. Some states do not allow the exclusion of consequential damages, so these limitations or exclusions may not apply to you. Cracking due to structural movement, negligence, or other failure of the substrate and damage to structural or subfloor elements from water are also not covered. Acts of God including but not limited to flooding, hurricane, tornado, earthquake and fire shall not be covered under this warranty. True Porcelain Co. will not be responsible for failure resulting from the use of competitive or non-specified products. True Porcelain Co. shall not be responsible for lippage between tiles; cracks in tiles; loss of bond to substrate, tile or membrane due to excessive tile deformation such as warpage or curling for any reason, or resulting from a lack of improperly-placed perimeter and/or movement joints. True Porcelain Co. expressly disclaims any other warranties, including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose other than the warranty expressly stated herein. It is the responsibility of the owner and installer to test and determine the suitability of the tiles intended use and purpose, and the owner assumes all risk and liability whatsoever regarding such suitability. THIS WARRANTY IS IN PLACE OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES AND CONDITIONS, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED. TRUE PORCELAIN CO. EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS ANY OTHER WARRANTIES AND CONDITIONS, INCLUDING STATUTORY WARRANTIES AND CONDITIONS INCLUDING THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE OTHER THAN THE WARRANTY EXPRESSLY STATED HEREIN.

Warranty Requirements:

  • The installation must meet all applicable and most current ASTM and ANSI standards.

  • Multiple residence installations are considered as one installation.

Claims Procedures If you wish to make a claim under this limited warranty, you must notify True Porcelain Co. immediately in writing of any alleged defect of the installation. Write to: Quality Manager, True Porcelain Co., 300 International Blvd., Clarksville, TN 37040. The claim must be submitted and evaluated by True Porcelain Co. before any repair work is done. True Porcelain Co. reserves the right to physically inspect any project with a claim pending prior to determining validity of the claim. Proof of purchase may be required. For any claim that is not valid, True Porcelain Co. will be paid reasonable charges, including travel and labor, associated with investigation of such claim. Product specifications may change without notice. For the most up to date product and technical information, go online to www.lowes.com. Not all products available in all markets.