As a female farmer I try to do business with small companies. I did a lot of research to find your company.
— Patricia Krogman



It’s our mission to manufacture the highest quality porcelain tile in the United States. Tile that our grandchildren and grandchildren's children will be able to walk on and enjoy for generations to come, while breathing clean air and enjoying their lives with the same zest and vitality that we pour into our products. We strive to live up to our company ethos of True. Trusted. You. We promise to be True in our practices, Trusted in our products, and to always keep You, the customer, at the forefront of all that we do.


As a family owned company, in a small Tennessee town with a little more than 200 employees, everything we do matters. We see the impact that even a small business can have on the environment and how one decision has a ripple effect. It’s our mission to stay True to who we are. We are hardworking, environmentally conscious, caring people. In a world of high cost and high competition, we strive to do what is right. We have developed a creative working environment that puts our customers first, while taking pride in what we do best, by always putting our best effort into every day.

Arabescato Gold porcelain tile is an elegant and exotic marble look without the upkeep and expense of real marble. Marble has been in style for ages, but natural stone requires sealing and routine maintenance. One of the many beauties of Arabescato Gold is its amazing resilience against stains, with no sealing required.

Pets, children, busy life … does this sound like you? Shenandoah Mahogany porcelain tile is easy to clean, scratch and stain resistant. With a warm hue that mimics hardwood, you’re sure to wow your guests!

We’ve created a country classic with a modern edge. White wood look tile is in vogue and we aim to lead the pack with this instant classic! You’ve got everything to gain and nothing to lose with this beauty floor!

Featuring a traditional oak wood grain and timeless provincial color tone, Pensacola Brown porcelain tile adds warmth and classic styling to any space. Wood-look is also in style, make it porcelain!

This tile exudes character and charm! With so much movement and spirit in the graphics, this marble-look tile is outgoing and classic! If you’re looking for something to jazz up your home, this is the tile for you.

Imitating the unique wire-brush technique for finishing wood floors, the Aspen family of porcelain tiles features a clean, contemporary appearance while highlighting the beauty of the natural wood grain.

Hardwood floors are a classic staple and are sought after in most homes. However, they can be expensive, hard to maintain, and scratch easily. Pacific Coast porcelain tile provides a wood look solution for today’s busy family. Since Pacific Coast is tile and not hardwood, it will not scratch, fade, or dent over time.

Bring a rustic and striking aesthetic into your home with Farmhouse Chestnut. True porcelain is dependable and with a 60+ year life expectancy it’s the only flooring you’ll need to purchase for your home or business.

Hand scraped hardwood floors can be expensive and difficult to maintain. Splintered Brown is a wood-look porcelain tile, with warm and inviting tones of real wood.

Taking inspiration from the large, towering glaciers found in the polar regions of our planet, we present Glacier White. The clean and delicate veining contains subtle hints of gray and blue.

Taj Mahal is an instant classic beauty. This recreation of natural quartz is an sophisticated classic. Create a calm and inviting atmosphere with this 12x24 glazed porcelain tile.

Driven Stone White features a bright tone and a clean, minimalist design that can make any space feel larger and more inviting. This porcelain tile is designed with a true white shade and crisp veining.

Black and white has been a classic color scheme for decades, as well as marble. Calacatta Black Polished porcelain tile uniquely blends black and white with a hint of grey and has a stunning marble look without the cost of real marble. The polished finish of Calacatta Black creates a simple, elegant and durable surface.

The bold veining in Arabescato Gold Polished brings home the beauty of marble found in the Apuan Alpes in Italy, in a durable porcelain tile. Create a rich and upscale aesthetic with this classic porcelain tile!

Clean, cool and contemporary Glacier White will bring a sophisticated elegance to your home. With subtle and almost translucent blue and grey veining, this tile is perfect for the individual looking for a marble look tile.

Blue and gray background tones contrasted with hints of beige and white veining create a marble pattern that will coordinate with any color scheme. Inspired by Roman architecture, Roman Gray is the perfect tile.

Renoir Inspiration is a timeless recreation of natural white marble. Unlike natural marble, which must be sealed annually, this marble-look porcelain tile is extremely durable and non-porous.

Inspired by the mesas and canyons of the American West, Revolutionary Beige porcelain tile replicates a classic vein-cut Travertine that will add warmth and comfort to any space.


True Porcelain Co. is a family owned company and success story, dedicated to producing only the highest quality porcelain tiles.